July 24, 2022


It's hot out there! Keep these five remedies on hand to deal with adverse reactions to heat during this heat wave. 

  • Belladonna - helps with throbbing headaches accompanied by a flushed face. The headache may be worse from light, noise, or a sudden jar. Body may feel chilled even if the head is hot.
  • Glonoinum - similar to Belladonna, skin may be dry and hot and there may be frequent urination. Try if Belladonna doesn't help.
  • Aconite - sudden and intense headache, pupils of the eyes may be constricted (in Belladonna they are sometimes dilated.)
  • Bryonia - feels dry, irritable, and thirsty with parched lips and a bursting, splitting headache. Movement, even of the eyes, is painful.
  • Carbo vegetabilis - for extreme cases where the person is cold, clammy, weak, and in a state of collapse.  The head may still feel hot even though the body is cold and may even be turning blue. They may want to be fanned and suffer from air hunger. This state is a medical emergency, so give the remedy on the way to the ER!
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Director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, mother, and grandmother.

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