Clinical Training Options 

The clinical component becomes important to your study of homeopathy beginning with Module Two. There are two options for gaining clinical experience. Clinical training is invaluable if you intend to use your homeopathic skills in the real world.  We offer both interactive online clinics , and DVD based clinical modules, described below.

Option One: Clinical Training  Online

We offer live clinical training online via Zoom video conferencing.

Online clinic is a chance for you to observe an actual chronic case being taken, in real time, from the comfort of your living room. After observing the initial case taking, you are invited to ask questions of the client directly.

After the client leaves the virtual office, we have a round table discussion of the case and we analyze and repertorize the case together.

This is a very rare opportunity to learn homeopathy as it is actually practiced! We allow as much time as possible for discussion so that students can develop their thinking as homeopaths.

Students progress very rapidly with this unique form of clinical training.  You will learn subtle skills in online clinic that are absolutely necessary for practice, and that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Please contact us for details about upcoming clinics. Instead of these pre-recorded module as described below, you can attend 30 sessions of online clinic and write up each case you see to complete your required clinical training. You can also do a combination of these two forms of training.

If you are interested in doing this live, online version of clinical training, you can either enroll in the entire clinical training at once or in individual seasonal sessions. Please contact us for details.

Option Two: Distance Learning Clinical Training

This self-paced option will allow you to progress through your clinical training quickly, or at your own pace, as the cases are pre-recorded.

You are eligible to start the Distance Learning Clinical Modules when you have begun Module Three or the equivalent. You take the case from the recording, analyze it, and send it to the Institute for feedback. 

Unlike the other modules, these cases are not yours to keep, and must be returned after viewing.  You will not be sent the recordings until you are ready for them. This is a great way to gain clinical experience while studying at home.  250 clinical training hours.


Case Supervision is usually completed after the clinical training modules. In this module, you take a case on your own and present the case and the analyses to the supervisor. You must submit five chronic cases with two follow ups per case to complete the your requirements for the CPH Certificate (Certificate in Professional Homeopathy. )

Katie Cunha

"Working with Willa in clinical training  was highly beneficial to see how to take effective cases and truly help people become well."

Janelle E.

" Clinical training is a ‘must’ to becoming a good homeopath. I learn so much during the clinical sessions, where we actually see and listen to the interaction of patient and homeopath during case taking. It is wonderful to see the presence of compassion demonstrated by Willa that is so important in homeopathy and the healing arts."