September 10, 2022


Homeopathic remedies are energy medicines, which are prepared in a unique way described by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. In our distance learning program, we study the famous sixth edition of the Organon of Medicine, which I described in a previous blogpost.

 In this final edition of the Organon,  Hahnemann details his most perfected method of preparing remedies. It is based on putting the remedies in water, which makes them more gentle and effective, with fewer aggravations. These remedies are known as LM or Q potencies.

As I explain in this video, I started using LM potencies while still a student of homeopathy in the early 1990's and I continue to use them to this day. 

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Director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, mother, and grandmother.

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