December 8, 2022


Gelsemium is one of the best homeopathic remedies for flu! In this video I go over the five main symptoms you need to know to decide if this remedy might help you if you have the flu, and how to take it, or read all about it below:

Slow onset

There is often a slow onset with Gelsemium, such as a tickle in the throat and a bit of fatigue, unlike other remedies such as Aconite which tend to come on quickly and violently.

Weakness with flu

The main symptom that we associate with Gelsemium is weakness. It could be physical weakness or even mental and emotional weakness or brain fog.
It's also a major remedy for stage fright and covers a sense of weakness and inability which almost paralyzes.

Ailments after excitement

It helps with ailments that come on after bad news or a fright or some kind of unusual excitement such as the holidays.
There may be trembling, great fatigue, and weakness and which may be worse around 10:00 AM. There can be sticky perspiration over the whole body during a gelsemium flu, along with some dizzness and a sensation as if falling.

Headache with flu

This remedy may help when there is a headache in the back of the head that radiates to over the forehead. An unusual symptom of gelsemium is that the headache may feel better after urinating.

Heavy and Droopy

The tongue may feel numb and heavy, and the eyelids may be droopy and heavy.
This remedy also helps with diarrhea that comes on after a frightening event or after being nervous with anticipatory anxiety or bad news chills may run up and down the back with this remedy and there may be trembling of the extremities even without a lot of exertion.

Gelsemium is definitely a great remedy to keep around in case of flu, covid, or other respiratory infections.

Learn more about the remedies that can help with flu in our Basic Program in homeopathy.

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