September 13, 2022


A question I get asked a lot is how long does it take to become a homeopath? And the best answer that I can really give to that is: it depends.

Start studying anytime

Our program offers flexible learning, so how long it will take you depends on your schedule. Most people will probably complete the program in about three years for a complete professional training in classical homeopathy.

That is part-time, that's assuming that you have a job and, a family and other obligations in your life, and that includes all three levels of training that we offer the basic program, the advanced program, and the clinical training.

On the other hand, many people have unexpected events come up in their life, whether it's a new baby or some other kind of family responsibility, family vacation, or an illness. Sometimes people stop their studies for a few months or even a year or two, and then pick them up again, or maybe slow down for a while and then come back.

That’s the beauty of a flexible learning program such as ours. You're able to start the program when you're ready to get started, and you can take whatever amount of time you need.

Basic Homeopathy

Module one, which is the basic program, takes most people between four and six months of part-time study.

There are six sessions in module one, and we usually assume that you will spend about a month on each session, especially if you are new to homeopathy.

You will have new remedies to learn and you will also be learning how to use the repertory as well as the basic philosophy of homeopathy and are unfamiliar with the remedies and homeopathy's unique philosophy as defined in the Organon of Medicine.

On the other hand, some people finish the basic program in a couple of months. This can happen if you have more time on their hands and, already have some background in homeopathy.

In summary, how long does it take to become a homeopath?  It will probably take you at least two or three three years to go through our entire program with part time study. And if you need to take more time, you can certainly do that.

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Director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, mother, and grandmother.

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