February 14, 2023


Today is a great day to review some wonderful homeopathic remedies that can help when painful or shocking events occur that cause us grief and feel like heartbreak. These are time proven remedies that everyone should know. 

Our hearts can feel broken from losing a dear one such as a family member or pet. Children  may feel heartbroken when they feel shunned or left out by other kids, and of course bad things can happen in marriage, love relationships, or friendships that leave us feeling shattered inside.

Article continues below with the top three remedies:


An Ignatia state can come one after a sudden shock of loss, such as the sudden death of a loved one. It is also helpful when there is disappointment after high expectations, after a friendship or relationship goes sour.  

A person who needs Ignatia may feel hurt and offended. There may have a lump in throat, and you may see them sighing deeply. They may try not to cry, but end up sobbing in a spasmodic way. This is a good remedy to keep on hand for sudden experiences of grief.

The following two remedies are best chosen by a professional homeopath as they address more chronic states that need professional care:

Natrum muriaticum

A person who needs this remedy wants to be alone with their grief. They don't show it, but they are suffering inside.

They may have fallen in love with someone unattainable, or are just holding on to bad memories that they can't get over. They just can't let go and move on and keep dwelling in the past.

Children who need this remedy are very adult like and overly responsible, but they may have headaches and may not share their true feelings.


This is a remedy for deep depression. An Aurum state can be brought on when high hopes are smashed. We thought everything was perfect, until we find out it wasn't. There is a sense of failure, and even humiliation. This can happen in relationships, but in our work goals, or in any area of life where we feel a great sense of purpose and need for perfectionism.

The emotional or work failure may result in a dark mood,  hopelessness, and even suicidal feelings. They may feel better listening to music, and may want to pray or meditate to overcome the grief. It is a great remedy for the physical heart as well.

Heavy drinking can also be a result of an Aurum state. It is truly a remarkable remedy for helping with the worst states of hopelessness and depression.

Homeopathy provides real healing for painful emotional states, unlike conventional medications such as antidepressants. You can talk to a professional homeopath if you have chronic emotional pain, so that they can find the best remedy for you. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about these remedies!

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