April 25, 2023


Hahnemann made homeopathy famous in Europe 200 years ago by producing amazing cures of dangerous diseases such as cholera and scarlet fever. Homeopathy's record in epidemic disease is truly remarkable. You can learn more about homeopathy in epidemics here.

The remedies that Dr. Hahnemann used are simple remedies such as Belladonna and Veratrum album. We use these remedies today for many purposes,  such as ear infections, fever,  diarrhea, and even menstrual cramps!  We teach these remedies in our Basic Program.

According to Peter Morrell, this authentic remedy kit of Dr. Hahnemann has four different potencies.

The remedies under the Roman numeral  II are 6c,  IV = 12c, VI = 18c, VIII = 24c, and X = 30c.  

L refers to the LM potencies, which are explained in the 6th edition of Hahnemann's textbook on homeopathy, the Organon.  You can learn more about the LM potencies here.

In this kit, we see the actual potencies that Dr. Hahnemann used! The higher potencies, such as 200C, and 1M, were introduced later by the American homeopath, James Tyler Kent.

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