October 1, 2022


Homeopathy remedies for flood and fires

It's been a rough time lately for many people with Hurricane Ian causing so many losses of homes and lives and Florida, and there have been wildfires out in the western part of the country as well this summer. Homeopathic remedies can be so helpful during floods and fires!

Here are the four top remedies:

Aconite for fright

The first remedy we think of when something very sudden happens is Aconite. What we say in our basic program is "when in fright take aconite."

 This is the top remedy for emotional sudden emotional shock, such as losing one's home or having to evacuate very quickly from a fire and being very frightened.

It's a fantastic remedy after having a very sudden strong fright such as an earthquake, a motor vehicle accident or a wild fire suddenly erupting near your home, as has happened to me.

There can be a sense of presentment of death, meaning that you feel like you're going to die or you might die very soon because something sudden and frightening just happened.

You may be thinking:  "this fire is going to kill me", or "this earthquake is going to kill me".

 If there are physical symptoms involved, like in acute disease, there might be restlessness with a high fever.

It's one of our first remedies we think for panic attacks, as well heart attacks, which of course can also be very sudden and frightening.

Many kinds of infections and acute conditions are addressed by Aconite, and anyone with a family should learn this remedy well! 

Arnica for shock and injuries

One of our most popular remedies that many people already are familiar with is Arnica, another fantastic remedy for shock.

Arnica is indicated when you aren't really present in current time because something has happened that has put you in a state of shock.

Sometimes when people get an injury, they just say, I'm fine, I'm fine, don't touch me. You don’t realize you have been injured or that something has happened that was very traumatic.

It's used a lot with any kind of injury that involves bruising of the soft tissue and is even used by surgeons to prevent swelling after surgery.

Arnica is used for stroke, acute sprains, and bruises, one of our top remedies in head injuries as well.

It can have a physical component and addresses many kinds of physical problems. It also helps with the shock of having been displaced and not feeling really grounded.

Interestingly, it has the symptom, the bed feels too hard, and also it's known for what we call sending the doctor away, and telling people you are ok, even when you are not. Whatever just happened has not sunk in yet, and it may might be very obvious that you're not fine. In situations like this, Arnica can help you feel more grounded.

It's also a really good remedy for jet lag, for the same reason. Your body has a lot of adjusting to do if you take a long haul flight and cross a whole bunch of time zones.

If you are in a state where you feel like you haven't quite fully landed in the new situation, Arnica could be helpful, along with all the physical injuries and conditions that I mentioned. You will want to keep this remedy around!

Have a look at the video, or continue reading the article below:

Ignatia for shock of sudden loss

Ignatia is wonderful homeopathic remedy focused on grief, and shocking experiences that bring about grief, such as death of a law, a loved one, loss of one's home and sense of safety, or loss of one's pets in a flood or a wildfire.

 Ignatia can follow Aconite during a traumatic or fearful event, once the realization of a loss has occurred. It addresses the grieving process where you in shock about the loss that you have sustained.

The symptoms of Ignatia include a sense of a lump in a throat, spasmodic crying, and sighing.

It's a remedy for when things have just suddenly changed. You didn't expect to lose your house or your pets, or the other kinds of losses we sustain during a flood or fire.

Ignatia can be super helpful in any loss and can bring comfort and relief during grieving and emotionally painful times.

Arsenicum for anxiety

Arsenicum is a great remedy for anxiety during floods and fires, especially when there is a chaotic, unpredictable quality to how events are unfolding -- you don't know what's going to happen.

 I thought about Arsenicum a lot when I saw what happened with Hurricane Ian. Originally, it was expected to go on a certain path,  but actually it ended up going about 75 miles south, so the people farther south were not prepared.

Arsenicum covers that sense of uncertainty of things of not having control of the situation. I think this probably comes up more in floods than in fires, because fires happen more quickly.

Wildfires can become dangerous very fast and probably are more likely to put you into an Aconite state.  The situation in Florida recently with Hurricane Ian was more of an Arsenicum situation where people weren't quite sure where the hurricane was going and whether they were in danger or not. That sense of uncertainty can bring on an Arsenicum state.

With Arsenicum, there is that sense of anxiety.  Things are out of control and we don't know what's going to happen. There may be panic attacks, and terrible anxiety  that may come up in the middle of the night, around one in the morning.

The person needing Arsenicum may feel restless, fidgety and become overly compulsive about small things and fixated on details.

There may be some thirst for small sips, but the essential point is  feeling as if  are the situation is out of control and then trying to do something about it by keeping them in control. It's such a helpful remedy, that we cover it in great in detail in the first session of our Basic Program. How to use the remedies is shown below.

homeopathy remedy

How to use the remedies

These four top homeopathy remedies for floods and fires can be used in 30 c potency as acute remedies which you are usually carried by Whole Foods or health food stores.

As all four of these remedies are easy to find,  you could definitely try a dose of two or three pellets of one of the remedies, if it seems indicated and just see if it helps.

It's not good to consistently repeat a remedy if it isn't helping you. I don't suggest taking any of these remedies routinely.

With acute prescribing for floods and fires,  you should see some results within two or three doses, and you don't want to continue taking the remedy too frequently. If the traumatic situation is new, you could take two doses of pellets every day for one or two days.

If  you are interested in helping friends, family, and community during floods and fires, you could consider joining us for our basic program where we teach these remedies described here in more detail.

We teach a total of 30 remedies in our basic program that takes most people about six months to complete. You will learn the most useful homeopathic remedies for stressful events such as floods or fires, as well as taking care of your family's health for all kinds of conditions.

You will also get extra homeopathy training in the weekly study group meetings just for Basic Program students, as well as the monthly Homeopathy Compassion meetings where we focus on remedies for current situations such as the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian.

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