September 8, 2022


Now that fall is here, many of our children are heading back to school or homeschooling programs and may need a bit of homeopathic help in making the transition from summer vacation. We call it "back to school homeopathy".

Homeopathic remedy for clingy children going back to school

Pulsatilla is the wind flower, and is a remedy for children who are feeling kind of clingy and not wanting to let go of their parents, which can happen on the first day of school, when a child may be feeling very clingy and insecure.

There may be tears and a feeling of not wanting to be left alone or not wanting to be left in the school situation.

They may want a lot of reassurance and comfort, including  hugs and kisses. The first day of school might bring on these feelings, especially for children who haven't been in school before.

When a child needs Pulsatilla, their emotions can be very changeable. The old texts refer to the Pulsatilla emotional state as "an April day" -- sunny one minute, and raining the next. You may find that a child who needs Pulsatilla and may be fine after gettting the attention an reassurance that they crave! (along with the remedy)

Homeopathy for an anxious child heading back to school

Arsenicum, which is known as the race horse remedy, and was actually given to racehorses to speed them up and make their coats shiny.

As a homeopathic remedy, it's wonderful for anxiety and for those situations where the child wants to control the situation and feels tense and nervous even about little things.

A child that needs Arsenicum might be feeling restless, wanting to keep everything in order, wanting to keep in control of the situation and even worried about what people think or what might happen next.

There might be a kind of perfectionism involved. If a child is feeling extra anxious and being very worried and controlling about details you could consider a dose of Arsenicum.

Five homeopathic remedies for children going back to school

In this video, you will learn five of the main homeopathic remedies for helping children emotionally make the transition into the school year: Pulsatilla, Arsenicum, Natrum muriaticum, Ledum, and Gelsemium. All of these remedies are in most home remedy kits, and have multiple uses.  They are very good remedies to know, and are taught in detail in our Basic Program.

I hope this school year goes well as your children go back to school, and that everyone stays happy and healthy with the help of homeopathic remedies!

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Director of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, mother, and grandmother.

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