January 7, 2023


Eupatorium perfoliatum. It's not as well known as some homeopathic remedies, but it can be very useful during flu or Covid. In the video below, I share the five main points you need to know about this wonderful remedy, or you can read about them below:

Pain like broken bones

Eupatorium is a homeopathic remedy that can help when you have a nasty flu with deep bone pain and body aches. The common name of this remedy is boneset, and is used by herbalists to fight flu symptoms as well.

With homeopathy, we have many remedies that can help with viral illness such as flu and Covid, and Eupatorium has its own special characteristic of  violent, aching, bone breaking pains. The muscles may also feel very sore.

Awful back pain

The back pain may be intense, as if having been beaten. It can be in the lower back or in the neck or between the shoulder blades. The back may tremble during the fever. There can be thirst or nausea, and then a violent shaking chill which starts in the lower back.

Thirsty for cold drinks

This thirst for cold drinks during fever and even chills is similar to Bryonia, which I wrote about in a previous post.  One way to tell the difference between these two remedies is that people who need Bryonia often lie very still, while someone who needs Eupatorium may be quite restless.  See more about restlessness below.

Intense restlessness

With Eupatorium, it may be very hard to keep still, due to the pain, but moving around doesn't actually help. There may be soreness in the head and eyeballs, and the sick person may want to get up on all fours to relieve the pain or the cough. They may even kneel with their face in the pillow.

Scanty sweat

This is another way to differentiate from Bryonia. With Eupatorium, the sweat is often less, while Bryonia tends to sweat more.

Keep this important homeopathic remedy in mind next time someone is sick with a viral illness such as flu or Covid. It can do wonders when the symptom picture fits!

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